Wedding dance lessons Monterey
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Start learning today!

- We'll choreograph your first dance to the
song of your choice

- It will be fun and unique dance

- You'll look great together!

Wedding dance lessons in Monterey at Pacific Grove Dance Studio

What dance style to choose for a first dance?dance classes monterey

Mostly it depends on the music of your choice. A lot of times it could be a Slow dance, Waltz or Rumba. But once we hear the music it's easier to decide what type of dance goes with it. That's why we recommend to come for a free dance consultation to determine what fits best for a couple.

What about social dancing? Do we need it?

That's a good question. After your wedding dance how about the rest of the evening? Knowing some dances like Hustle, Foxtrot and Swing will make your special night a lot more fun and exciting. How about father-daughter dance or mother-son dance? The answer is yes. Learn some social dance moves. It will keep you smooth and comfortable thru the hole evening.

How many dance lessons does it take to learn a wedding dance?

In average we'd say about 10 private lessons. That's including the choreography and styling (detailing) the dance. Again, it all depends on a couple. After the trial lesson we'll give you a recommendation on what package to go with.