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Start learning today!

- We'll choreograph your first dance to your

- It will be fun and unique dance

- You'll look great together!

Wedding Dance Lessons in Monterey at Pacific Grove Dance Studio

So, you're getting married? Congratulations! Bet you've got everything planned already. But what about the wedding dance? Surely, you cannot put it off for later? You really need to brush up on your dancing skills in time for the big day. That's why both you and your fiancée should take wedding dance lessons.

And not just your fiancée - what about your father? Is he really ready for the father-daughter dance yet? Perhaps you should interest him in taking our father-daughter dance classes. We have something for the mother of the groom too! The mother-son dance is just as important as the father-daughter dance in weddings these days. That's why our mother-son dance lessons are so very popular in Monterey.

We are the experts in first dance choreography in all Monterey County and here are few facts about it:

Take the Stress Away!

We know how stressful a wedding dance can be. Everybody would be watching you and a single embarrassing misstep will be talked about for years by your friends and family, and in the days of Facebook and Instagram, made known to the whole world. So, don't worry about it, give us a call, fix an appointment and take your first dance steps from our experienced instructors. We will put you and your fiancée through your paces and ensure that your wedding dance goes off absolutely perfectly on the biggest day of your life.
The Best Dance Instructors in Monterey, California!

Our instructors have trained hundreds of couples across the United States and helped them perform the perfect first dance. We'll help to select the style that suits you and your fiancée the best and ensure that you learn all the dance moves in a way that you and your fiancée will come across as absolute professionals. We'll choreograph your wedding dance so it's absolutely perfect. Even edit your dance music to make it sound great, or if you want to fade it or join few tracks together to get an amazing, unique dance. Quite simply, if will not find a better dance studio in Monterey! make your wedding experience memorable for the right reasons.

Our Instructors Will Walk You Through the Details

So, which song do you want to play for your first dance? What about the dance floor at your wedding? How big should it be and how should it be positioned relative to the guests? Should you move a lot while dancing so that everyone can see you and take great pictures? Should you take it fast or slow? Include dips or lifts? Our instructors will walk you through all the details and we'll make it easy for you to decide on your options. You will find our tips very useful.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don't waste any moment getting started with your preparation. The more time you spend training for your first dance, the better you and your fiancée will get at it. Indeed, if you're a local and live in Monterey or Salinas, CA, we suggest getting started with your first dance classes four or five months in advance of the big day. That should give you enough time to practice your dancing and prepare well for the big day. Also, book your father-daughter dance classes or mother-son dance lessons well in advance of the wedding as well.

You and Your Fiancée Will Have a Lot of Fun!

Let's not get too serious - dancing should be about fun. You and your fiancée are guaranteed to have lots of fun during your wedding dance lessons at Pacific Grove Dance Studio. We have a very welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere here and you and your fiancée will find the whole experience very romantic!
Take your first dance steps with us. We have the most experienced dance instructors who will help organize your wedding choreography for you. Call us at 831-393-4567 to book your wedding dance lesson today.