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Start dancing today!

- It's a great hobby and exercise

- Make new friends

- Dance socially or even competitively!

Why choose private dance lessons at PG Dance Studio on Monterey Peninsula?

dance lessons monterey - Everyone has different abilities to learn. With private lessons at Pacific Grove Dance we concentrate on your level. If you're a beginner we'll take you step by step through some popular dances such as: Foxtrot, Tango, Swing or Salsa explaining the fundamentals of lead and follow, basic steps and rhythm, and if you're an experienced dancer who wants to learn the aspects of dancing like: technique, styling or advance variations - we'll help you with that.

Where can I dance and practice?

- Our dance studio offers free practice space if you're an existing student. You can come anytime during our business hours to master your dance steps, stretch or practice with a partner. Every Friday night we encourage you to join us for a weekly beginner friendly group class. You'll be introduced to the other students, be able to practice lead/follow with different dance partners and learn the basic steps of the dance that is on the schedule. After the class we invite you to stay for our dance party where we play ballroom & latin music, so you can practice everything you've learned with our instructors and other students.

What are the benefits of ballroom dancing?

- First of all dancing is a great hobby. We get a lot of calls people looking for dance lessons in Monterey and Salinas, as they're bored with their daily routine/office work. Dancing will give you:

:: Exercise
:: You'll make new friends
:: Learn a great skill
:: A lot of fun!

How else can I use my dance skills?

- Besides social dancing there are ways you can go further:

Two times a year we hold Showcases. Showcase is when we invite our students to perform. Usually it's held at our dance studio in summer and winter times. You pick a dance style, and then your instructor will put a dance routine to a preferred song. It will give you an incredible experience to feel what's like to be on the floor on your own with your teacher, performing a choreography in a dance costume.

Competitions. Would like to go even further? Great! For dance competitions you can dance with your instructor. There're 4 local ballroom dance competitions that are held in San Jose and San Francisco, and a lot more in South California and other states. These are high end, beautifully organized events. When you compete there're other couples on the dance floor with you. You can choose what dance styles you'd like to do and how many. Each dance can be judged individually or as a group. Competitions are open for all ages & levels.