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Leonid and Olga having been dancing since they were both six years of age, in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. They have worked as dance teachers in Monterey since moving here in 2009 and opening their own dance studio in Pacific Grove. Leonid & Olga train both first time learners as well as professional ballroom dancers on Monterey Peninsula.

Leonid & Olga have always had a great talent for ballroom dancing. They have been professional dancers for many years and performed in dance competitions in both North America and Europe, including Dancesport. They have worked internationally as professional ballroom dancers and have taken part in dance competitions in Russia, China, Japan and the U.S., where they have finished either as winners or as finalists.

What really excites Leonid & Olga is teaching ballroom dance to other people. They have been teaching since Leonid was 15 and Olga 14. They have both trained hundreds of students over the years, both in the United States and abroad and have trained many professional ballroom dancers who have gone on to win prizes at national and international Dancesport competitions.
Leonid & Olga have won several top teacher awards at these competitions and are viewed as the top ballroom instructors on the Monterey Peninsula.

Leonid & Olga's dance classes are popular with students because of the informal, friendly and supportive learning environment and because they take such an active interest in their students and their progress... often going the extra distance to help them improve.
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