Wedding dance lessons Monterey

Wedding dance lessons in Monterey at Pacific Grove Dance Studio

What dance style to choose for a first dance?

It depends on the music of your choice and could be a Slow dance, Waltz or Rumba. Once we hear the music it's easier to decide what type of dance will work best with it. We recommend that you come for a free dance consultation to determine what best suits you as a couple.

What about social dancing? Do we need it?

That's a good question. After your first dance/wedding dance how about the rest of the evening? Knowing some other dances like Hustle, Foxtrot and Swing will make your special night a lot more fun and exciting. What about father-daughter dance or mother-son dance? Learn some social dance moves and it will keep you smooth and comfortable throughout your special evening.

How many dance lessons does it take to learn a wedding dance?

On average we'd say about 10 private lessons. That's including the choreography and styling (detailing) of the dance. Again, it all depends on a couple. After the trial lesson we'll give you a recommendation on which package will help you accomplish your dance vision.